Twitter extends worldwide the option to hide responses to tweets


Twitter has made available to its users worldwide a function so that they can hide the answers to his tweets, the company informed this Thursday.

The social network launched a few months ago this new tool experimentally in Canada, among other countries, and now it is extensive: from today all users can hide responses to their tweets, a "function that will allow to manage conversations".

The goal is for users to have a "good experience" on the network and can choose if you want to modulate or not the conversations that have started, hiding those abusive behaviors or that are not related to the topic of conversation at that time.

The functionality of hiding answers adds to others security tools that are already available to users on the platform, such as silencing, filter sensitive content or filter notifications.

From Twitter it is emphasized that with this new function tweets are not deleted but they remain hidden; that is to say, are still accessible to everyone and for those who wish so.

Anyone can choose to hide the responses to their tweets, but also anyone can see and interact with the hidden answers by pressing a gray icon that will appear from now on in the tweets.

In this way, says the company, you have a greater control over conversations that start, but there is also the possibility that people see the whole conversation.

"Everyone should feel safe. and comfortable while talking on Twitter and to make it possible, we need to change how conversations work in our service, "says the company.

Currently, users who participate in a conversation they can change the topic or tone of a conversation and deviate from the matter that both a specific user and their audience want to talk about.

"To give you more control over management From the conversations you start, we tested the option that you could hide the responses to your tweets. With that, we learned that the feature is a new and practical way to manage our conversations, "the company added.

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