Twitter will delete inactive accounts to free usernames


The social network Twitter announced Tuesday that next month it will delete accounts that have not been used in the last half year, to "release" thus usernames that are currently not available for new Internet users although they are hardly used.

"As part of our commitment to serve the public conversation, we are working to clear inactive accounts and thus present more accurate and credible information that people can rely on Twitter, "the company in San Francisco (California, USA) said in a statement.

"Part of this effort is to encourage people to actively consult and use Twitter once they have registered an account, as indicated by our inactive account policy," they said from the company.

From this same Tuesday and during the next few days, Twitter will contact by email with users who have not accessed the social network during the last six months to alert them that, or connect to Twitter before December 11, or your accounts will be deleted and your username may be "sponsored" by another user.

Twitter on a smartphone.

According to the company, it will not be necessary for these people to share a message on the platform, but rather just connect to it, that is, access with your username and password, to prevent its removal.

As a consequence of this movement, It is foreseeable that a significant number of accounts will be eliminated -either because their owners have lost interest in the social network, because they have died or because they use a different account- and therefore those usernames will be available again in the future.

The announcement of the social network takes place a day after Monday it was known that a code error allowed developers of applications downloaded through the Google Play online store Access the personal data of hundreds of Facebook and Twitter users.

The error was in the "package" for software developers "One Audience" and allowed those who created applications to access user information such as email addresses, usernames and shared content.

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