Two arrested with drugs and high-powered weapons in Acapulco


Two men were arrested by Ministerial Agents of the State Attorney General's Office and elements of the National Guard for bringing drugs and carrying heavy weapons.

In a joint operation, the state and federal elements arrested the two men in flagrance for crimes against health and carrying a firearm.

Cristóbal “N” and Ramsés “N” were apprehended by a citizen complaint that warned of people carrying firearms on Margarita Maza de Juárez Street in the Heroes de Guerrero neighborhood.

Both corporations organized the action in which they found an Ikon-type Ford vehicle, manned by three people who, when noticing the presence of the uniformed men, tried to flee but two could not escape.

The detainees were assured of a 9-millimeter weapon, a 9-millimeter submachine gun, a plastic bag containing 10 bags with dried marijuana, apparently marijuana, a transparent bag that had 10 sachets with a drug-like substance known as stone .

They also found a bag with five bags of a substance apparently drug glass and 10 small bags with white powder characteristic of cocaine.

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