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Authorities released the names of Vietnamese citizens who were found dead in a refrigerated truck in the UK, two of them coming from Romania according to

The 39 victims include ten teenagers, The Guardian reports.

Two of the Vietnamese citizens who died in the refrigerated truck came from Romania. These are Vo Ngoc Nam, 28 years old and Nguyen Dinh Tu, 26 years old.

Vo Ngoc Nam was working in Romania, his mother told AFP at the beginning of the investigation, when the names of the victims in the truck discovered in Essex were not yet available. The family began to worry when they had not received any sign from him for several days.

Also, Vo Ngoc Nam would have been the victim of a scam in Romania. His mother related that the man left his native country to work legally in a factory from us.

Vo Ngoc Nam resigned, after receiving only half the salary promised by the Romanian employer. His family paid $ 8,500 for Vo to go to Germany, where he embarked on construction, writes CNN.

Hoping to find a better life in the UK, Vo got in the "truck of death".

In the last message sent by Vo Ngoc Nam, he asked his parents to pray for him. The man had two children in his country.

Journalists from the Daily Mail found that Nguyen Dinh Tu had been working illegally in Romania, from where he left for Germany in the hope that he would reach his final destination in the UK.

His widow, Hoang Thi Thuong, revealed that he helped raise $ 14,000, the price demanded by those who had migrated. The Vietnamese would have collected another part of the money working and begging in Romania.

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