United Kingdom: Recidivist Romanian, sentenced to life imprisonment. He killed a young ROMAN and left an ORFAN child


A 30-year-old Romanian man, Alexandru Marin Constantinescu, has died far from home in Canterbury, UK, after even another councilor, Dumitru Palazu, stabbed him.

Alexandru Marin Constatinescu, a 30-year-old Romanian, was killed in Britain in the spring of this year. The Romanian was found with a chest wound on April 7 in the Brotherhood Wood caravan park near Caterbury, UK. Alexander died on the spot, the doctors called could do nothing to save his life.

Constantinescu's last words after he was stabbed in the heart were: "I know that the bald one stabbed me. I know I'm dying. My only regret is that I leave my child orphaned, ”said a martyr during the trial, after which Constantinescu's assassin, Dumitru Palazu, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Dumitru Palazu, a 48-year-old Romanian man found guilty of killing his countrymen during a clash at a caravan park near Canterbury, England. Normally, Dumitru Palazu should have been given the opportunity to request parole after serving at least 23 years in prison. However, since the Romanian is a repeat offender, he must stay at least 30 years in prison before requesting parole.

The British authorities found that Dumitru Palazu committed two more crimes in Romania. In 1989, when he was just 18, he committed the first crime. He killed a man after a scandal involving excessive alcohol use. 20 years later, in 2009, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison, after killing his girlfriend's father who opposed the relationship between the two, metro.co.uk reports.

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“Mr. Palazu is a very dangerous, manipulative and arrogant man. He killed Alexandru Constantinescu in a brutal, harsh and merciless way. He was convicted on the basis of clear evidence. He was implicitly involved in a conflict that did not concern him, Alexander Constantinescu arguing with other men, "said Judge Adele Williams, who sentenced him to life imprisonment.

On April 7, less than a month after he arrived in England, Dumitru Palazu became actively involved in a scandal that broke out between a group of Romanians in Craiova and a group of Romanians in Calarasi, thus killing Alexandru Marin. Constantinescu. His victim worked before the tragic event at Pro-Force Ltd – a recruitment firm based in Maidstone, which specializes in providing workforce for the horticultural, agricultural, fresh and industrial sectors.

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