USR announced New Zealand election result 12 hours ahead of official data


Deputy Cătălin Drulă, the coordinator of the election campaign of Dan Barna, posted on his Facebook page the results from a parallel count, made by the USR, of the votes in New Zealand. There, the hour of transmission of this news, the first round of presidential elections ended.

According to Drulă, Dan Barna would be ranked first with 47.6% and Iohannis with second place with 27.2%. They are followed by Viorica Dăncilă and Mircea Diaconu.

Posting by Cătălin Drula:

The first results came from Auckland, New Zealand.

Barna – 47.6%
Iohannis – 27.2%
Dancel – 5.2%
Deacon – 4.2%

The vote was closed there. The results come from the parallel count USR PLUS. ”

The election process ended in the open section in Auckland, New Zealand, with 191 Romanians voting for the President of Romania for three days, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

The Auckland branch was first opened in the diaspora on Friday at 1:00, the time of Romania and was closed on Sunday, at 10:00, the time of Romania – local time 21:00.

According to the Central Election Bureau platform, 191 Romanians voted in Auckland.

This year, Romanians from outside the country have three days to elect Romania's president to the polls, in 835 polling stations.

Web Editor: Liviu Cojan

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