Victor Ponta voted in the capital: I chose a good candidate, not the least bad – News on sources


The president of Pro Romania, Victor Ponta, says he voted, in Sunday's presidential election, a good candidate and not the least evil, as voted in other elections in Romania.

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He expressed his constitutional right at the "Maria Rosetti" secondary school in Bucharest.

"To be honest, it's easier for me now than other times and I want to tell you that I didn't vote against anyone. This story with the vote against always went wrong. I voted for a candidate, I can't tell you for whom. that the vote did not end, and also I did not vote the smallest evil. How many times in Romania the smallest evil was voted the greatest evil came out, so now I voted a good candidate, in no case not a bad one smaller and in no case not against, "said Ponta, after voting.

The Pro Romania leader added that he has emotions for the candidate he supports and stated that he would like to see in Romania "no more votes with hatred and scandal".

Victor Ponta also said that it is very good that the voting problems were solved for the citizens of the diaspora, and the presence at national level "is normal and it is very good for people to vote".

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