VIDEO At 61, Sharon Stone recreated the famous sexy scene from "Basic Instinct"


On the stage of a gala organized by "GQ Men" magazine, Sharon Stone recreated the famous and controversial scene from the movie "Basic Instinct", in which the actress dressed in a very short dress, stood face to face with the police who were interrogating her. in the role of Catherine Tramell has revealed her intimate parts, writes Fox News.

Dressed in a glittering black short dress with a deep V-neckline, Stone was on stage to receive the award. Woman of the Year from GQ Men.

After accepting the trophy, Stone sat back in his chair and began the speech in which he spoke about the moment that changed his life. During this time, the actress urged those in the room to sit foot to foot.

"Many years ago, I was on the set, and my director said to me," You can give me my pants because we see the pictures and you shouldn't wear underwear, but we won't see anything. " I said "sure." I didn't know that this moment would change my life, ”said the actress of those present at the event.

At the end of his speech, Stone thanked for the award and concluded by saying "it was just a joke."

The scene from the movie "Basic Instinct", whose protagonist was Sharon Stone, was a highly controversial one after the premiere of the production, and later became one of the most popular moments in modern cinema.

"Basic Instinct" features a detective investigating the brutal murder of a rock star, and the road is interested in that of an enigmatic writer, who quickly becomes the main suspect.

Although the 1992 film enjoyed phenomenal success, the 2006 sequel, also with Sharon Stone, was a major failure, with revenue of only $ 38.6 million, although it had a budget of $ 70 million.

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