VIDEO Keep your mouth shut: Two tennis players took a beating at the end of the match!


If Nick Kyrgyos is one of the negative characters in men's tennis, starting Thursday, the women's circuit can be "proud" of problem players.

At the end of a meeting that took place in the finals. of the Henderson Open, this week's ITF 60W Tournament in Las Vegas, the two players, Katherine Sebov (photo), 20 years old, 256th WTA place, from Canada and Alycia Parks (18 years old), 410 WTA place, USA, they just took the beating.

At the end of the game lost 6-0, 7-6 (9), Alycia Parks rocketed to the ground, headed for the net and reacted unexpectedly after greeting her opponent, jumping with her fists and legs. . The chair referee intervened immediately, but the help of the stewards and staff members of the two sportsmen was needed to resolve the conflict.

In front of the journalists, Parks justified his reaction by the fact that his opponent would have shaken his hand very strongly: "He shook my hand very hard!". said sportswoman. The International Tennis Federation is to analyze the incident.

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