VIDEO Presidential Elections 2019. Dan Barna calls on young people to urge their friends and family to vote: As estimates show, we play a few thousand votes – Politics


USR leader and presidential candidate Dan Barna said Sunday evening, reaching for a few moments at the campaign headquarters, that, as the estimates show, the difference between him and Viorica Dăncilă, with whom he struggles to enter the second round with Klaus Iohannis , is a few thousand votes. The head of USR called on young people to call their friends and family members to check if they voted, and if not, to send them to the polls.

"As the figures show, as the estimates show, we play a few thousand votes. That is why I call on all young people, all those who are now at home and have already voted, to check, to call left and right, and to send their friends and colleagues to vote. Because it's much easier to vote than to leave the country. It's much easier to vote than to be cold in the winter months. It's much easier to vote than to go to meetings than to enjoy quality life with family or friends, ”said Dan Barna at the campaign headquarters.

According to him, this is one of those times when you can make the difference between "maybe it was different if I went out to vote or you can say that then I went and voted and I made history and things changed."

"That little stamp is an extraordinary force that every citizen has," Barna said.

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