Violent chronicles of Diego Enrique Osorno


* The freelance writer and reporter turns journalism into a new book

By Aura Fuentes

Mexico, November 11 (Notimex) .— The writer Diego Enrique Osorno (Mexico, 1980) concentrates his work as a journalist to capture it in the book The Brave One sees death only once; six chronicles in which he describes situations where violence and antiheroes are closely related. The first story shares the title of his 134-page work – published by the Directorate of Literature, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Ediciones Era – where he addresses the confrontation of Don Alejo with a group of extortionists in Tamaulipas, an act of courage It cost him his life, becoming a legend. In “El exalcalde”, the filmmaker also tells the story of Mauricio Fernández Garza, who served as mayor of San Pedro Garza García, in Nuevo León, one of the richest municipalities in the country, on which a documentary was also filmed – under the name The Mayor, distributed by Ambulante—, receiving the sympathy of the people. “Some of the great men of our time live far from media reflectors or informal tributes. These are people who face everyday life with a fundamental law in their heads: the law of effort ”, highlights in the chronicle“ The inventor of the arrachera has died ”, a story about the life of José Inés Cantú. In the same way, in “Thus a deputy is killed in Sonora”, he narrates the murder of Eduardo Castro Luque; in "Prosecutors are alone" addresses corruption, and in "Come and eat the biggest shrimp cocktail in the world in the land of the most terrible massacres in Mexico," tells how it is about covering the violence that exists in one of the towns of Tamaulipas with the recognition to the achievement of a Guinness record. Diego Enrique Osorno, who currently lives in the north of the country – where his stories germinate – has authored nine chronicle books on rebellion, power and justice in Mexico in the 21st century, including the cartel from Sinaloa, The Zetas War, We are the culprits and A cowboy crosses the border in silence, the latter two adapting to the theater.

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