Voters vote. In one section of Romania, until 12:00, only one man entered


According to the data provided by the Central Electoral Bureau, until the time of transmitting the news 12:05, there were sections in which at most two voters entered. For example, in one Bihorean commune, one man wanted to elect his president, according to Mediafax.

Covasna, Belin Vale section, two people came to the polls. The presence is, at the time of transmitting the news, 0.27%.

In the town of Culciu Mic in Satu Mare, until 11.00 am, 10 people voted, the presence being 1.70%.

In Hodișel commune, from Bihor, three people chose to vote, and in Moțești, the same county, only one person voted, out of the 74 voters on the lists.

According to official data, in the Diaspora, in the Korean People's Republic, in the Phenian section, no Romanian voted.

Web Editor: Liviu Cojan

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