Voting standings in the Diaspora, 10pm: Romanians in the UK come from behind (official BEC data) – News on sources


According to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), until Saturday at 22.00 hours, 293,299 persons in the first round abroad voted in the presidential elections. The largest presence is in the European countries. If in most states where there are large communities of Romanians it starts to vote slower, in the UK there is still a large ballot box. Nearly 3,000 Romanians voted in the UK in the last hour. Most Romanians voted until 22.00 in:

  1. Italy: 51,445
  2. United Kingdom: 48,443
  3. Germany: 41,383
  4. Spain: 36,698
  5. Republic of Moldova: 15,783
  6. France: 12,818
  7. Belgium: 11,528
  8. Austria: 8,326
  9. Netherlands: 5,963
  10. Denmark: 5,721

2,945 Romanians voted in the US, and in Canada – 1,617.

The second day of voting abroad has already ended in: Australia, China, Philippines, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. .

A total of 838 polling stations were organized abroad. Romanians from abroad will be able to vote on Sunday, from 7 to 21 hours.

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