"We are condemned to a perpetual penalty"


"Evil sits on the bench today." With these words, Juan Carlos Quer, Diana Quer's father, has expressed himself before the start of the trial for the crime of his daughter, in a statement to the journalists where he has again requested that the permanent prison be reviewed.

Quer has arrived at the headquarters of the Provincial Court of A Coruña in Santiago de Compostela to attend as a witness to the trial against José Enrique Abuín Gey, aka the Chewing Gum, accused of the death of his daughter in 2016 and who has arrived at the court after 9 am in a van of the Civil Guard .

"No conviction will restore my daughter's life. No conviction will repair the damage to the family. We are condemned to a perpetual penalty", Juan Carlos Quer told reporters before stating that now there is only fighting for" Diana's legacy. "

A legacy that, as he has repeatedly said, is "keeping" the permanent prison reviewable, a "necessary" law that "will save lives against rapists and repeat killers."

Quer hopes that the political class "knows how to understand that seven out of 10 citizens, regardless of political proclamations, support this penalty."

After remembering that her daughter lost her life "in the most cruel way", Juan Carlos Quer has thanked "so much love, support and solidarity received by the citizens of good, that we are the majority" and, especially, of the Galician people, who has suffered the death of the young Madrid as "if his own daughter be, "he said.

"Today the evil sits on the bench," insisted the victim's father, who wanted to thank the work of the State security forces and, above all, the Civil Guard agents, for whom he asked for a decoration.

Diana's body is today "in a decent place thanks to his work", He has emphasized.

Diana Quer's mother refuses to be with the father

Diana López Pinel, Diana Quer's mother, has suddenly left Santiago's courts a few minutes after her arrival, visibly angry, for refusing to remain in the building with his father, Juan Carlos Quer, with whom he maintains a personal confrontation.

López Pinel arrived after 0940 hours at the courts of Fontiñas, claiming before the press "Let the whole truth come out" in the process. A few minutes later, she left the court again, very upset, and denouncing questions from the media that she still had "two hours of waiting" and refused to be with her ex-husband.

He also said he had "no information on the subject" of his daughter, who came here "blank" and without seeing the summary.

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