"We needed an alternative like Vox; they don't have a horn, a tail, or anything like that"


Javier ThebesYou have never hidden your preferences when voting. The president of LaLiga has always been linked to the most conservative ideas of the political spectrum, and since the appearance ofVoxin the picture he has stated numerous times that it is The party he supports.

In an interview with 'Marca', the Aragonese lawyer expresses his joy at the great rise that the party ofSantiago AbascalIn the last elections. "I think it is important to reflect the thought. Years ago there was nothing and I think that Spain needed an alternative of this kind. For me it does not have horns, it does not have a tail, or any of this," he says.

Thebes even sees the format of great coalition between the PSOE and the Popular Party, given that the country's political vicissitudes make their destiny very unpredictable.

"Nobody gave that after that motion of censorship Pedro Sánchez was going to get ahead. We have to wait for the moment. For example, that motion of censorship was decided in the last hours. Here it seems that this will also go until the last hours I don't believe that Catalan independentistas or Bildu in the Basque Country they are not squeezing that option until the last moment. We will have to see what the option will be at the end. To me I would like a Government of Spain that did not depend on the independentistas, but I can't decide that. In the end, the government that comes out will have to try to explain our industry and what we believe this industry needs to continue growing and maintaining. After all, whether I like it or not, it will be the government of Spain, the government of my nation, "he explains.

As far as Spanish football can affect you, one of the most furious proposals of United Podemos and the PSOE can affect a huge source of income for the teams and for the League itself: the bookmakers.

Thebes recalls that there is already a regulation regarding the advertising of this type of business, "a jungle of ads" that admits that it should be controlled. "We have made a calculation and it affects us in 65 million euros. But how much do bookmakers spend on advertising in the media? The question is: Do we ban all advertising? In Italy it was intended and in the end it could not. Or do we regulate the schedules for children and that no betting announcements can be issued except late at night? Or is it regulated that there can be no announcements during live events? What we have is to go for an important regulation, especially in which the world of betting is encouraged, "he considers.

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