What could a Romanian do in a polling station in the UK? The people stood still!


A Romanian from the UK managed to amaze everyone in a polling station on Jersey Island.

After voting, the man sat down at the piano in the voting booth and began to sing. For a few minutes, people stood in amazement.

The video was posted on Saturday at the end of the voting day by the Embassy of Romania in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

At the same time, the institution announces that the vote went without incident. "Dear friends,
It ended well and the second day of voting abroad. 50,000 voters registered in the 7️⃣2️⃣ # Voting SectionsUnUK. The voting process was conducted without incident, without crowding, in short I provided conditions for you to exercise your civilized voting right. It was a calm day, as evidenced by this video from the polling station in Jersey Island (UK). Tomorrow is the last of the 3 voting days. The 2️⃣ #Votation SectionsUnUK will open from 7.00. Use the Interactive Map to find the one closest to you, "announces the Embassy.

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