What is 017 and how can it help you with your problems and doubts about the internet


We are increasingly connected and our privacy more exposed. Companies are more greedy targets for cybercriminals, especially those who work with sensitive information, and minors are more in contact with a network that can harm them if it is not used with a head.

For questions like what do I do if I worry about how my son uses social media, what to do if I am a victim of a scam on-line or how I react if my company suffers a cyber attack, the government has a phone number to answer these and many other questions.

What is 017?

It is the number that will replace as of February 2020 to the current nine-digit number (900 116 117) for cybersecurity related queries. Any citizen or company that wants to raise a question or query about cybersecurity can call or send a message. The 017 is not yet operational, but the 900 116 117 serves the users.

What kind of doubts does it solve?

The telephone line is specialized in three aspects: attention to minors and their surroundings, help to companies and the general public.

The attention to the child and the people around him It guides those who have doubts about issues such as the dangers of the Internet for the youngest, the excessive use of video games or social networks or cyberbullying.

The help to companies It focuses on issues such as the protection of equipment and networks, how to react to a cyber attack or data protection.

To the general public It can advise you on what to do if you are infected by viruses, online fraud, connect to the network safely and protect our privacy.

It costs money?

No. It is also confidential (will not appear on our invoice), nationwide and works every day of the year between 9 and 21 hours.

Who solves my doubts?

The service is provided by the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (Incibe), the state reference institution in cybersecurity. Calls are answered a multidisciplinary team formed by psychologists, experts in technology security and legal issues.

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