When the surgeons started to see that they were losing


No poll before the vote, not even the internal ones of USR PLUS, placed Dan Barna in the final. Until the last moment and shortly after, the members of the Alliance believed that the electorate could recover for them what Dan Barna and his team missed and that he would save them.

"I can not believe", "It is not possible", "Maybe it is not so", "This is Pieleanu's poll, we know he is lying", "Dan will be in the second round", all said seeking validation to those from I swear, as soon as the results of the two exit polls were displayed on the phone screens.But the film of the election day had inevitably reached this point where Dan Barna is outpaced by Viorica Dancila by a few percent, and the two leaders of the Alliance gave signs that it was not a result that he had not anticipated since the evening hours, when the upward trend of USR PLUS candidate has softened.

From 3:00 pm, the estimates made by the CURS began to record a change in dynamics, with the first calibrations: from three percent, what was the difference between Barna / Dancila (19 to 16), at 19:00, Dancila he already had a difficult advance to cover with diaspora votes – 23.6%, compared to 15.5% for Dan Barna.

These were the figures that the journalists who spent the day at the headquarters of the Alliance 2020 received by sources. Like USR and PLUS members. However, the figures that came from Vasile Dincu's IRES and placed Dan Barna at only one percentage behind Vioricai Dancila – 18, compared to 19%, seemed more credible.

In the last two, three hours, but until the exit polls were displayed, the IRES radically restored the ranking, probably by recalibration, and the Dancila / Barna difference increased by over five percent.

It was the moment when hope replaced the projections.

When Dan Barna arrived at the campaign headquarters, he quickly sent a message encouraging the vote, from which the variant of defeat was already heard. He said that it is a few thousand votes away from victory, that it is essential that each voter convinces their network of friends / family to vote in the last hours, to maintain the recovery dynamic.From half a percent per hour, as it seemed that Dan Barna was recovering at noon, in the evening he stopped and started to climb the PSD candidate.

In the four hours that remained until the polls in the country were closed, USR PLUS members constantly transmitted the same message on Facebook: the entry in the second round depends on a last minute sprint, but it is possible.

An enthusiasm that was not consistent with the departure of Dan Barna from the headquarters and the return less than an hour before the phone calls of the surgeons are displayed on the two TVs, Digi 24 and Reality Plus. When he returned to the office, Dan Barna knew that IRES and CURS had similar estimates and that six percent meant defeat.

The only message prepared for this scenario was that of the reversal of the situation: the polls do not include the vote from the diaspora nor the last hours of the evening, the battle is still given, the dice are not thrown and so on. And in the courtyard of the Alliance's campaign headquarters, "Barna president" and USR PLUS chanted, even though some, with half a voice, began to count arithmetically: "four percent come from the diaspora, there is also the margin of error, a thousand votes. be extra and Dan wins. "

Until Dan Barna acknowledged his defeat – without encouraging a vote in the second round – USR PLUS members believed the electorate had done more than succeeded their candidate in the campaign and put all the books on a historic stake, on time. long, according to the 30 years since the fall of communism.

Only that people do not choose in history and for history, as no party or candidate can assume a historical mission, but a concrete political project. The reason for the biggest disappointment of USR & Barna should be sought here: why the Diaspora preferred Klaus Iohannis.

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