"Where's the rest of $ 317,000, octogenarian mustache?"


In a message posted on his Facebook account, Vecerdea accused Tyriac of misappropriation of funds and that he sent a significant amount of money to a close friend of Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary.

Vecerdea claims that although the fee for the license of the WTA tour in Bucharest is 23,000 euros, Ion Țiriac and FRT paid Jeno Marky the amount of 340,000 euros, from the reserve fund of Romania.

The complete message of Marius Vecerdea

"Ion Țiriac together with Jeno Marky in the box office of the WTA tournament in Bucharest! The suveica through which $ 340,000 left Romania's reserve fund directly in the pockets of a close Hungarian Prime Minister through priniriac is now proven by documents.

Unfortunately, the name of Simona Halep was used without her knowledge, in the note of foundation signed by Orlando Teodorovici and the Minister of No Name of the sport, in order to obtain a maximum amount. As you can see, in the note of foundation by which they try to justify the payment from the reserve fund, it is mentioned that the purpose is for Simona Halep, Mihaela Buzarnescu, Monica Niculescu and other girls, to participate in the tournament in Bucharest to obtain the qualification for Tokyo Olympics. Only these players did not know about these steps and most importantly, did not participate in this tournament !!! So far this is just a simple diversion of public funds !!! But an even worse action followed: the misappropriation of the reserve fund of Romania!

As you can see from the attached documents, according to the law, the reserve fund of Romania is destined for emergencies in case of calamities and other misfortunes. From the Government Decision signed by Viorica and from the foundation note signed by Orlando, we observe that the money should be spent for the license fee of the tournament for 2019.

From the public documents on the official website of the WTA, we can see that the license fee for the Bucharest tour is $ 23,000, but the owner and director of the Tournament, named Jeno Marky, a foreign citizen of Hungary and close to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, invoiced through his Association: Romai Tennisz Academya, to the Romanian Tennis Federation through its President (not yet validated by the Courts) Ion Țiriac the amount of 1.4 million lei (ie $ 340,000), exactly as provided in the HG and the foundation note! Dear Romanian, this is the modus operandi of these impostors!

This is how the money of the Romanians flows from the reserve fund of Romania in the pockets of some Sarlatans! This is an attack on the integrity of Romania and should be treated as such. I agree to support an international, even private, tennis tournament, provided that the goal is to support Romanian athletes! But Simona Halep, Mihaela Buzarnescu and Monica Niculescu didn't even participate.

Ok, let's say that other athletes participated, it would be good and so, but then why is the name of Simona and other athletes used to obtain these funds? Do we even believe that they mistakenly used Simona's name, even accepting the idea that it is okay to pay out of our money the license fee for a private tour, or so, but 15 times the official and actual price of the license? Where is the rest of the money Ion Tiriac? Where are the rest of $ 317,000 from the reserve fund of Romania, rich octogenarian mustache enriched on the land of this country? Respond publicly if you have the courage ”
Marius Vecerdea

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