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British pensioners are "rewarded" with surcharges when booking vacations abroad, says the Daily Mail daily, citing an Which? Investigation. Older British people pay extra costs for travel insurance, as well as for cars rented abroad, and annual vacations abroad are expensive with up to 2,000 pounds, often becoming inaccessible. At the same time, Which? Shows, older tourists – who, most of the time, prefer to make a reservation by phone, not online -, pay, in turn, a surcharge.

Most likely, the British people at least 65 years old represent the category with the most vacations abroad, but, despite the laws regarding age discrimination, there are also exceptions regarding financial products and tourist packages, which means that the elderly in the UK are, for the most part, over-taxed. The disclosures were made by Which? Travel, which points out that the British elderly are extremely unhappy with the fact that they are charged extra for the holidays they want to spend abroad.

Which experts? shows that the insurance premium for a typical holiday abroad (15 days) goes up from 30 pounds, as a British 64-year-old pays, to over 60 pounds for those who turn 70, in despite the fact that they have no health problems. Analyzing European annual policies, Which? found out that tourists aged 80 paid 6 times more than those aged 50-54 (335 pounds vs. 54 pounds). At the same time, the annual travel insurance policies offered by specialty providers were more expensive for older British people.

If, according to the quoted source, the insurance company Insure & Go declined to comment, an analysis of over 100 annual travel insurances in Europe showed that the policies issued by companies such as Age Co and Saga had, on the market, the largest rates for older tourists. By comparison, Which? Specifies, a travel policy issued by Blue Bear had a price at least twice the price charged by Age Co.

According to the quoted source, some tourists see their vacations abroad ruined because the companies specialized in renting cars do not allow them to rent a car because they are too old or, as the case may be, they charge surcharges, despite statistics showing that the probability of a road accident caused by a 70-year-old person is smaller than in the case of a 20-year-old.

Which? analyzed the prices charged by several companies in Alicante (Spain) and found that Firefly wanted to add a surcharge of 6.95 euros / day for people aged at least 70 years, Drivalia – an over- tax of 5 euros / day for British people over 75, Recordgo – 7 euros / day for those aged at least 70, while Dickmanns received a daily surcharge of no less than 20 years. euro. On the other hand, Budget, Europcar, Goldcar and Interrent did not charge, at least in Spain, a surcharge for the elderly, claims Which ?.

"Although many of those aged 70 and over would accept the fact that they have to pay a higher premium than a 25-year-old, perfectly healthy British retirees cannot enjoy a vacation because of the premiums. The travel industry must solve this problem and no longer charge the older generation, who are more active and determined than ever, "Rory BOLAND – Editor, Which? Travel – which has a tip for British pensioners: "If you do not find a travel policy or the rates are too high, try to call a broker, who will advise you and will look for the best insurance for you. , at the most competitive price. "

At the same time, Daily Mail claims that the investigation carried out by Which? Travel has also shown that there are other forms of discrimination of the elderly. Thus, Which? claims that, in the case of reservations made by telephone, Ryanair and TUI added a surcharge of 20 pounds, easyJet – 15 pounds, while British Airways – 10 pounds. Ryanair, the source said, did not respond to the request submitted by Which ?.

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