Who are the Australian couple of 'youtubers' who take Greta Thunberg on their catamaran?


Environmental activist Greta Thunberg announced Wednesday that she was on board a catamaran that will help her get to Spain to attend the climate summit. The 16-year-old does not use the plane because of the high greenhouse gas emissions they emit.

Thunberg posted a photo with the Australians Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu, boat owners and with the baby of both, in addition to the British captain Nikki Henderson, who accompanies them on the journey.

Immediately the curiosity arose to know who are that couple of travelers who has welcomed the activist on board.

Well, these are two adventurers who are dedicated to travel the world on their sailboat, a 48-foot catamaran in length (14.6 meters long) adapted to be as ecological as possible.

He is Riley Whitelum, from Adelaide, in southern Australia. He worked for eight years on an oil rig and ended up getting tired of that life and decided to live adventures, for which he saved "every dollar" he won.

He began his life of adventure with a trip to South America, during which he injured his neck doing bodyboard, which put him in bed for six months of hard rehabilitation.

After that he traveled to Italy, where he bought the sailboat Puer Apuliae now called La Vagabonde, a 2007 Beneteau Cyclades that they sold him "three Italian businessmen arguing" for about $ 100,000 Australians (61,763 euros).

Put him solar panels, batteries and wind turbines and began to sail, with just "10 hours of real experience sailing", according to the same account.

He sailed to Greece, where he met his partner, Elayna Carausu, who worked there as a singer. She is also Australian, from a coastal town called Geraldton, in Western Australia.

Both embarked that journey around the world, in which they carry 90,395 nautical miles, about 167,411 kilometers.

"We've suffered terrifying storms, scares with pirates, financial failures, equipment breakdowns, water shortages and other interesting setbacks, but we would not change life at sea and go where the wind takes us, "they write in their blog.

They finance the trip thanks to a platform called Patreon where they upload their content and videos and receive donations from their "patrons."

In addition, they have a store of products of all kinds, especially adventure and multimedia, which they sponsor. They also have an online merchandising store, where they sell things with their own logo and the name of their ship. When they touch land, they put a small stand with these products and collect donations.

In addition, they have a website with tutorials of navigation and survival that costs $ 20 per subscription. And there are, of course, your income from YouTube videos, where they have 1.18 million subscribers and already have 186 million views among all his videos, which have been up since 2014, when they started their adventure.

Now they have a baby of a few months, named Lenny, who accompanies them on their trips. They do not hide in their videos and writings that life on board is hard, stressful, intense, but they say that this is how they want to live for the moment.

Now a crossing of the Atlantic of about 6,000 kilometers awaits them, even at the expense of Portugal, at a time when there are storms and winds that can exceed 60 kilometers per hour In some sections. Even so, Greta Thunberg hopes to be in Madrid for the climate summit, which takes place between December 2 and 13 of this year.

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