With whom Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio voted


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Captain of the Spanish national, Sergio Ramos, took advantage of the day off from real Madrid and he and his wife and two of the children went to the vote. The footballer posted on social media a video urging citizens to go to the polls, writes I WOULD.
"We came to exercise our right. Vote who you want, only vote!"said Ramos. It was completed by Pilar Rubio: "I hope it's the last time we have to come … at least for a while."

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Sergio Ramos would have voted for the People's Party

Later, Sergio Ramos' wife posted a series of "stories" on Instagram, which sparked controversy, writes the source. In one of the shootings, the footballer appears with two ballots, which are supposed to be his and his wife's, in which you can see who the two voted for. The Ramos family opted for The People's Party.

Later, Pilar Rubio tried to repair his sunglasses and posted a new video that he sent to the Internet users: "We have taken the ballots, and now we will express our choices."

VIDEO Pictures from the voting booth posted by Pilar Rubio:

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Parliamentary elections in Spain

The Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) governing Spain obtained the most votes in the general elections held in Spain on Sunday, but far from having a majority in a parliament that is even more fragmented, with more far-right MPs, according to preliminary projections from the exit poll made by GAD3 for the public television RTVE, informs Agerpres.

The results of the opinion poll, published shortly after the vote at 19:00 GMT, showed no clear advantage for either the left or right bloc, indicating an impasse that could make the attempt to fail again. to form a functional government.
PSOE is expected to win 114-119 seats, down from 123 it won in the April ballot and away from the 176 parliamentary majority.
Also, the far-right party Vox would double its parliamentary representation, from 24 to 56-59 seats. This party, which entered parliament in April, is seen as the main winner of the ballot.
The People's Party (PP) would get 85-90 seats, up from the 66 won in April.
Projections show that the left-wing United Podemos would gain 30-34 seats, down from the 42 it had, and Ciudadanos, a liberal party that opposes the secession of Catalonia, would get only 14-15 seats, a fall drastically compared to the 57 who returned to the polls in the spring.
The turnout was lower than in April.
Politically paralyzed, Spain returned to the polls for the fourth time in four years, in a context of open crisis in Catalonia that seems to have given new impetus to the far-right party Vox in a country where the far-right was marginal. since the end of Franco's dictatorship in 1975.

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