Woman from the United Kingdom, Amended by Train Although she had a Pass


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It was in a gasket of the Greater England railway company, which connects Liverpool and Essex, when – due to the crowding, it had to stand supported by a door, with one foot in the Class I compartment.

The controller who checked his ticket, noticed this and decided to fine the woman, although she had a valid subscription, for which she paid 6,000 pounds, Daily Mail.

Subsequently, several travelers who witnessed the scene revolted on social networks.

“I explode with anger! Someone is trying to fine a woman for standing with her leg in the first-class compartment in a crowded train, ”wrote one passenger on his Twitter account.

"A woman is fined for a shocking reason, just because she was standing with one leg in the first class, on a full train," a woman reacted.

The Greater England Company reacted immediately, through a spokesperson, to this incident.

Class I wagons, including corridors, are only for those who paid a class I ticket. Our employees informed the passenger that there was room for other wagons. We ask you to contact us if she thinks that she has not been treated properly.

Greater Anglia Company, about the incident:

PHOTO: Facebook.com/Greater Anglia

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