Yesterday, rival, today, friend. Why Angela Similea, Corina Chiriac and Mirabela Dauer met


Urban legends said that between Angela Similea (73 years old) and Corina Chiriac (70 years old) things would never have been on the roses and that they always dueled not only in elegance and elegance, but also which of them should be better known and loved among fans of light music. Although at the beginning of their careers they both sang on the same scenes and even had memorable duets, they eventually stopped appearing on the same shows or in the same shows.

Both of them went on the Golden Deer scene by participating and taking various prizes, then for years "missing dates", after the Revolution, when everyone tried for a while to do something else! But all the music brought them back to the fans, because Angela Similea started collaborating, at one point with Ovidiu Komornyik in 2010, but gave up quickly. However, 2019 was the year of the revisions of the three because Angela Similea released a double album, "Let's remember" and "I live", at the Music store where unnamed colleagues came.

On this occasion Corina Chiriac invited her to "Stop Time", in her National TV show Angela, but also Mirabela Dauer, along with the composer Marius Teicu. Together they shared memories and sang songs that made history over time. The three singers ticked off successful collaborations with the composer, to whom he gave the songs "Don't get mad", "You, my love" and "Wait, don't go." In the meantime he may have met in particular with friends or at home with them, but it is certain that they go out more often than they did before.

Last Friday, Corina Chiriac, along with Angela Similea, but also with Stela Enache and Octavian Ursulescu accepted the invitation to participate in the anniversary show "100 lui Tanase" from the Constantin Tanase Magazine Theater. Elegant as we know them, the divas stepped on the red carpet more beautiful than ever, charming and always with a smile on their lips. The three soloists stayed in the stories, took pictures and then entered the room to watch the show along with the other guests.

What Octavian Ursulescu says about the three dives!

The famous presenter Octavian Ursulescu (72 years old), kindly told us about Angela, Corina but also about Mirabela: "In Angela I took one of her first interviews in 1970, she had to sing at" Golden Deer ". I still have it today, it brought him good luck. I met Corina on TV at Titus Munteanu's shows. I knew it from "Unnamed Star", then I took the microphone from Marius Teicu. He was a choir pianist at the People's Art School and there he met all the singers at the beginning of the journey. Then he started entrusting her with pieces that became raucous. Mirabela Dauer connects me with geographical, residential memories. He was always close to me, but he moved often. She was a kid, she lived on my street, with her husband who gave her the name Dauer, her name was Scortaru at the time. I remember that they had a motorcycle with which they rode and flew their skins in the wind, ”Ursulescu told us.

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