25,000 daily tests at any time of day


The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) will intensify this week alcohol and drug controls by conducting more than 25,000 daily tests in a period in which the consumption of these substances increases due to Christmas lunches and dinners.

For a week, from December 9 to 15, Civil Guard traffic agents will establish checkpoints on all types of roads and at any time of day to prevent drivers from risk.

Precisely, the consumption of alcohol and drugs causes one third of fatal accidents on Spanish roads. Specifically, those killed in a traffic accident with a positive result for the use of narcotic substances was 19%.

In the case of the drink, 66% of the tests carried out on drivers who died in a traffic accident presented a rate higher than three times the maximum regulated rate. In this sense, the DGT has pointed out that alcohol is not only related to a greater accident, but also to a higher mortality and more severe injuries.

On the other hand, and with the objective that the campaign is also generalized in urban roads, Traffic has invited the municipalities of more than 25,000 inhabitants to join the campaign, with the establishment of controls in their respective urban centers. In the last campaign, 346 municipalities participated, carrying out more than 50,000 alcohol and drug tests.

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