6 things we do wrong with our hair thinking we do it right


Wash your hair daily? Use anti-dandruff shampoo without having it? Rub the hair with the towel when leaving the shower? … Many are the doubts and myths transmitted generation after generation about hair care. To avoid continuing to make the same mistakes, the following doctors have responded to some of the most heard phrases that can actually ruin your hair health.

Wash your hair twice a week

As much as popular wisdom has told us otherwise for centuries, it is the most common mistake. Because, although you cannot give a categorical answer about the frequency of washing as always It will depend on the type of hair and the needs of the same, the truth is The really harmful thing is to keep dirt in our hair for days.

The cleaning is a fundamental point for the health of our hair, for that reason the professionals totally advise against the fashions or affirmations that promote so much the non washing of the hair.

Use an anti-dandruff shampoo as prevention

Dr. Roberto Castro de Insparya wanted to answer since “Do not use dandruff shampoos preventively. It is a serious mistake. We will only use this type of treatment when a peeling problem really appears, and always taking into account that it will be applied for a certain period of time. ”

Use natural shampoo ingredients as a treatment

Common sense itself sometimes fails us. There are those who mistakenly believe that using certain natural ingredients of their usual shampoo will produce an extra well-being to the health of their hair, but, quite the opposite. Dr. Pastor Espinoza has clarified, “It is important to note that the iActive ingredients of a shampoo are at adequate concentrations, used correctly and in combination with other components that make it effective in the treatment of a pathology or simple daily hair care. We should not use these components in any other way because they could be harmful. ”

Rinse hair with vinegar brings more shine

It is one of the most used tricks but the reality is that Vinegar should not be used to add more shine to the hair. There are different types of shampoos, masks and treatments on the market that can provide a bonus without resorting to alternative options.

Dry hair in the air in summer

Popular wisdom has always recommended letting the hair dry in the air to avoid using heat appliances that spoil the hair, but the reality is that leaving wet hair is a major evil. By being wet, the hair loses all its strength and endurance which makes it more prone to fracture or suffer from split ends.

Shaving your hair makes it come out more strongly

This is one of the most repeated myths by popular wisdom. What really happens is that the diameter of the hair is thicker when closer to the scalp is found, as well as at the tips its diameter is reduced. For this reason, shaving produces an optical effect that gives the sensation of greater density.

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