A 22-year-old dies in a fire in a student apartment in Granada


A 22 year old has died after suffering serious burns in trunk and lower extremities on the morning of this Saturday in a fire in a student apartment on Pedro Antonio de Alarcón street in Granada capital, an event in which five other young people have been affected by smoke inhalation.

As detailed by the City Council in a press release, everything has occurred about 9.55 hours, when the 112 Emergency service has notified the fire in the seventh Letter B floor of number 68 of Pedro Antonio Street, where National and Local Police, Firefighters of Granada and the Public Health Emergency Company (EPES 061) have moved.

On the floor there were six young people who inhaled smoke and had to be treated on the spot for health services, although one of them, D.G.O, 22, the deceased, had to be urgently transferred by very serious poisoning and burns to the Rehabilitation and Traumatology Hospital, where he has finally died, after being found under the bed taking refugeof the llamas.

Once the fire is extinguished and the smoke evacuated, it has normalized the situation in the building and in traffic, the street being open at 11.15. The house has been totally burned without the rest of the floors being affected More than smoke.

The specific City Council that the Provincial Brigade of Scientific Police of the National Police will carry out the investigation on the causes of the fire.

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