a joke that comes out very expensive in a municipality of Valencia


It is a mischief as old as the existence of the doormen or telephones: indiscriminately touch one or more of the buttons And run away. But beware, because it can lead to more than one disgust: the City of Alzira, in Valencia, has sanctioned a neighbor with a fine of 200 euros after the Local Police caught him practicing this joke, reports the newspaper Lift-EMV.

The events occurred last August, in the Sagrada Familia square, when a patrol of the Municipal Police surprised a man as the alleged author of indiscriminate calls to bells at around 4:30 a.m.

The Municipal Government Board confirmed that it was a slight violation of the Urban Space Protection Ordinance, which seeks to favor coexistence and civic behavior in the public sphere, and established a sanction of 200 euros.

The defendant did not present allegations during the investigation of the file, so the sanction became firm, due to alteration of the Article 23 of the ordinance.

This article typifies the different infractions. Among the slight, is to indiscriminately ring portals of buildings so that night rest is prevented. Other minor faults they are damage or damage to street furniture that does not prevent its use; the use of it in a different way to the one that corresponds; obstruct access to neighborhood portals or entry to public or private garages so as to prevent their normal use; kicking waste or solid elements that may be in the street so that they generate a noticeable acoustic condition or throw containers of drinks, cans, bottles or any other object on the floor.

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