A man in Calpe arrested for raping his 15-year-old daughter because "he wanted to be the first"


The National Police of Benidorm has arrested a fugitive of German origin in Calpe as alleged author of a sexual assault on his daughter which, at the time of the events, was 15 years old.

55 year old man was claimed by the German authorities and, as reported by the Information newspaper, the detainee said he did it because "he wanted to be the first".

The alleged sexual assault It happened in 2001, when the daughter was only 15 years old in Germany, in the room of the girl's family home.

The father ordered the girl to take off her clothes and sexually assaulted her. After the assault and before leaving the room the father said: "I wanted to be the first."

The Judicial Police Brigade of Benidorm began the search for the fugitive for information from the Sirene office that suspected the man, that could face a penalty of 5 years in prison in Germany, he could find himself in Calpe.

The detainee has been transferred to Madrid to start process extradition To Germany.

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