A telephone company claims 1,300 euros for a dead person


Half a year after the death of a relative, they have received a mobile bill of 1,340 euros on behalf of the deceased that includes the purchase of a mobile and a contract. The family has denounced the facts and have discovered that the phone was picked up at the store with an ID that did not correspond to the contract holder.

The person who hired the line has supplanted the identity of the deceased, so the company investigates the facts while the bill continues to grow. The family feels helpless: "We have two fronts opens: one with the person who has impersonated the identity and another with the company "." We are concerned about the control mechanisms that telephone companies have to register a customer. "

Today, it is very easy to be a victim of this type of fraud. It is very easy to impersonate the identitysince the big companies They do not require the physical presence to register a client and they do not contrast the signature or the DNI in person.

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