Aesthetic treatments with tension threads. What are they for and when are they indicated?


To hide the passing of the years in our skin is the main reason why we go to the centers of aesthetic medicine discipline that every time has more advanced, effective and less aggressive treatments than a surgery.

This is the case of aesthetic treatments with tension threads, a skin rejuvenation technique that produces a lifting effect without having to go through the operating room.

Dr. Alberto Morano, Second Vice President of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, explains what this treatment consists of and for what cases it is indicated.

What are tension wires and how do they work?

The treatment with tension threads consists in the “introduction into the subcutaneous tissue of biological substances in the form of a thread with the aim of achieving a non-surgical self-induced biological liftting effect. The substances that form this thread are absolutely biodegradable and are completely reabsorbed over time. ” In addition, as explained by Dr. Morano, these substances continue to act even after this reabsorption, because “they are not effective only in the external aspect, but they are responsible for stimulating the body to produce large amounts of collagen and complement the tensor effect with looking healthy. "

That is to say, to the effect of immediate lifting that these threads produce, we must add another effect internally by helping our body produce the collagen, responsible for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

A facelift without surgery

The main advantage of the treatment with tension threads that allows to achieve the closest thing to a facelift, but without going through the operating room and with more natural results, “is not very aggressive compared to more surgical options and its result is much more natural, since it it produces a non-excessive stretch that significantly reduces the sagging around the cheeks, the jawline and the neck. ” Other advantages of this treatment over surgery is that the threads, being substances compatible with our body “have no allergic ability, or immune mechanism. In addition, they leave no marks or signs and the inflammatory reaction is minimal, which does not entail work or social leave, ”says Dr. Alberto Morano.

On the other hand, the intervention is very simple, because in less than an hour, we can go home without any inconvenience, “the duration depends on the number of threads we apply, but, on average, it lasts about 30-45 minutes the total and it only requires an anesthetic cream to minimize the inconvenience of the introduction of the thread. After treatment, we recommend not to manipulate the face excessively, do not massage the area, apply cold or ice to reduce inflammation. ”

After the intervention, you can notice some side effects that, according to Morano, only last for a few hours or, at most, a few days, “the most frequent adverse effects are usually bruises, edemas (localized inflammation) or redness. On very rare occasions, some thread may become loose and lose effectiveness. In this case, the treatment would be repeated.

How long their effects last

One of the drawbacks of this treatment – as well as others such as treatments with hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin – is that its duration is limited and, for the results to be prolonged over time, it is necessary to repeat the treatment from time to time. The duration is variable, since it depends on each patient and on whether they follow the postoperative indications, such as “maintaining good life habits, not sunbathing, not smoking, eating a healthy diet. On average, the thread is reabsorbed at 6 months, although its effect remains close to the year. Therefore, the treatment can be repeated every year or year and a half, ”Morante warns.

Tighten the skin, does not eliminate wrinkles

Dr. Morano wants to make it clear that it is not a treatment to reduce wrinkles, but sagging, and when it is not very advanced, “the tension threads treat mild or moderate degree of sagging, both in face and body , but it is not a treatment to eliminate wrinkles, nor does it remove stains, nor specifically treats the skin. What it does is create a tightening and repositioning effect of the skin tissue. ” That is, if we have other problems related to skin aging such as wrinkles, it is best to combine it with other treatments so that the result is more global, “it is ideal to combine it with botulinum toxin (botox) treatment to eliminate wrinkles from expression at the same time, or with hyaluronic acid, because in addition to tightening the skin we will have a luminous effect on the skin. Also with a previous radiofrequency treatment, ”he advises.

Eye with damaged skin

Before undergoing a treatment with tensile threads, a series of precautions must be taken and, above all, put in the hands of accredited professionals, as it is contraindicated in case of having the skin with “infected areas or with herpes”. Nor is it recommended in the case of faces that are too thin because they are not very effective in these cases. "In very thin faces, which do not have tissue support or very little subcutaneous fat, the anchoring of the thread would be very weak and the effect not very evident", that is to say that the desired lifting effect would not be obtained.

Not only in the face

Tension threads are used mainly on the face, to raise eyebrows and cheeks, conceal nasogenian groove, puppet lines, on the neck … but treatment with tension threads can also be performed on other areas of the body, such as the buttocks, the chest area, knees … and even to raise the buttocks. Of course, we must bear in mind that the effect may be less, since they are large areas and with more movement, “perhaps the duration of the effect is less, due to the tension and movement to which we subject the gluteus daily. In these cases, it is necessary to put greater number of threads and of a greater thickness ”, which would also raise the price per session.

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