Against climate handicraft


It happens with climate change as with so many issues that polarize public opinion. We live caught between the torquemadas who blame those who start their cars to go to the beach to blame for an environmental genocide and who, on the contrary, assure you, in a supreme brotherhood exercise, that all this is a hoax that a few sofa progressions have been invented that want to endorse their apocalyptic sheet on a world that will self-destruct like the crazy messages of Professor Bacterium.

The problem is that the weather emergency is real and it looks out at a distance of a couple of news, with China and the US polluting as if there was no tomorrow and the rest of the countries between paralyzed and stunned by the elephantiasic scope of the problem. The scientific community does not admit more discussions typical of the usual bar bar terraplanistas that one finds on television, on social networks and in those weapons of mass confusion that some WhatsApp groups have become: or we change the way we consume on our planet or we will stop having a planet to discuss.

And in that transformation, out of extreme histrionics to Greta Thurnberg and family, we have to collaborate all. The states, promoting the shift towards a clean energy model that makes us less drug dependent on fossil fuels. And citizens, collaborating to the best of our ability to make our environment a place where you can live and where you can breathe. We have no other alternative. And we know it.

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