Air accident investigations in Chile are advancing


The first day of national mourning decreed by the Chilean government in memory of the victims of the accident of the Hercules C-130 aircraft takes place with new advances and international support for the clarification of the facts.

The Chilean Air Force (FACh) reported on Saturday that the search work continues as part of the so-called “Paso Drake” operation, from which strategic actions have been undertaken to locate the remains of the flight to Antarctica that He crashed last Monday.

General Cristian Pizarro presented on Saturday the balance of rescue activities and reported on the support of a ship from the United Kingdom, which will be added to the ship Cabo de Hornos from this Sunday.

The FACh also thanked the support of Germany, Spain, the United States, Peru and Canada for the processing and analysis of satellite images that will help speed up the search work. The air force reported that it already has 107 national and international media images in its registry.

Pizarro also reported that the climatic conditions are not entirely favorable, since there has been an increase in wind and waves, so the search will be focused mainly on sector three, where the main findings have been made.

The same climatic adversities have generated a displacement to the south of the remains that lie in the sea, Pizarro reported and attributed this movement to the expected dynamics of the Drake Sea, where communication with the Hecules C-130 was lost prior to the accident .

Within the framework of the national duel that concludes on December 15, an interdisciplinary team is in contact with the families of the victims to provide social assistance, according to the FACh in a statement.

"The plan is in charge of a team of professionals headed by the Mental Health Unit of the Institutional Aid Hospital, composed of psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, nurses' assistants and lawyers," the agency said.

The remains that are collected during the “Drake Pass” operation will be transferred to Punta Arenas for analysis and identification in order to find as many missing persons as possible.

The accident of the institutional airplane Hercules C-130 left a balance of 38 people killed among passengers and crew of the Chilean Air Force traveling to Antarctica.

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