Allegri's 'stick' to Guardiola: "We have been following him falsely"


The Italian technician Massimilano Allegri, who is now without a team, has granted an interview to the 'Corriere della Sera' in which he has reviewed how he sees football from outside the field, in addition to talking about Guardiola, Klopp and even his future on the benches.

Allegri, what He left the Juventus bench at the end of last season, is seeing a change in trend in football. From your point of view, "African players are taking football to the physical side. Quality is still important, but the trend is changing. We are witnessing a great return of kickbacks".

Arguing his speech, Allegri has deepened and pointed out that "We have been following Guardiola for 20 years falsely. Pep found the exception, it's not a football for everyone. That historic club was born of great players who pressed high and pushed the rival defenses towards their area. At the same time, the midfielders go up and your defense can reach the middle. But to do that you must have Iniesta, Xavi and Messi in your team".

The Italian came to compare that Guardiola football with that of Jurgen Klopp. According to Allegri, the German coach of Liverpool "does modern football. With three attackers who pressure the defense even in their area. With Mané, Salah and Firmino you have to play vertically forcibly. Klopp understood this and uses it. Search the space permanently behind the rival's defense. I don't understand why that should embarrass. It is one thing to defend yourself to seek a tie, and another is to lead the attack from the defense.".

Finally, Allegri confessed that he sees football with his son, although he wants to be a Formula 1 driver and that He will not train again until next season.

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