Almeida, to announce the end of Central Madrid to show off its fulfillment at the Climate Summit


The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, was one of those attending the inauguration of the Climate Summit that takes place in Ifema, where received the cyclists of the Moving for Climate race.

The alderman, who arrived at the mayor's office promising take down Madrid CentraAs soon as he arrived at the Palacio de Cibeles, he presumed at the summit to lead the only government that has complied with the restrictions set in the Madrid Central program. "With the previous one there was a moratorium on covert fines," he said Monday in the Cadena Ser.

Almeida not only promised to end Madrid Central but also initiated a fine moratoriums that only days later it was suspended by the courts on the grounds that progress in environmental matters was being reversed.

Later, the mayor of Madrid presented your Madrid 360 program with controversial measures that allowed the entry of cars back to the center of the capital even if they did not comply with environmental regulations if several occupants travel there.

His goal, he says, is "that we have a air quality in Madrid that does not affect the health of Madrid, as is happening at the moment. "

Looking ahead to this summit, he pledged to make the commitment with the environment that came out of this world meeting.

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