Ambassador: The status of Romanian citizens in the United Kingdom, subject to the rules established by the previous governments


Almost 400,000 Romanians have so far registered for permanent resident status (European citizens who have resided in the UK for 5 consecutive years or more will be eligible for this status) or for pre-resident status. So far, no difficulties have been reported in the registration process for Romanian citizens to regulate their stay in the United Kingdom. "If they exist, I invite those who face certain situations to inform us and we will resolve this through dialogue with the British authorities," said Dan Mihalache for Agerpres. "We are looking at how to shape the future government and the future projects that we can build after Brexit, a strategic partnership with the UK, renewed, deepened, which we are already working on and we are interested in continuing", he pointed out. Ambassador.

The parliamentary elections held in the United Kingdom on Thursday were won by the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson, a result that will enable him to honor his promise to leave his country in the European Union on January 31, 2020.

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