Atlantica Yield proposes more investments in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure


The CEO of Atlantica Yield, Santiago Seage, said Tuesday that it is "essential to move towards a electricity generation model based on renewable energy".

In his intervention in the 'Sustainable Innovation Forum', integrated in the Climate Summit (COP25) that is being held in Madrid, Seage has stressed that to achieve this objective "it is necessary to invest not only in solar and electric generation assets, but as well in better transmission networks and storage systems".

The manager of Atlantica has ensured that his company will maintain its international investment strategy in renewable energy, which includes solar, wind and hydroelectric, as well as transmission lines and energy storage systems.

The Climate Summit as a meeting point

'Sustainable Innovation Forum' celebrates its tenth meeting associated with a Climate Summit Tuesday and Wednesday in Madrid and consolidates itself as one of the main meeting and debate points between political representatives, international agencies and companies to promote concrete solutions in favor of the climate.

Atlantica, which manages about 10,000 million dollars (about 9,016 million euros) in sustainable renewable energy infrastructure, power transmission lines and water, brings its accumulated experience in the universe of clean energies.

Seage has intervened in the debate about transition formulas towards a cleaner and smarter future energy system. Together with John Neil Loughhead, chief scientific and innovation advisor to the British Government; Bob Wieckowski, California State Senator; James Shaw, Minister of Climate Change of the Government of New Zealand; and Hanno Schoklitsch, CEO of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management; has analyzed how energy systems they need to be more flexible to integrate renewable energy models.

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