Bar associations in BC unite against corruption


By Oscar Vallejo

Eleven bar associations and associations will sign a collaboration agreement, with the objective of providing advice, and encouraging the public denunciation of illegalities and acts of corruption of public servants.

The citizen advisor of the Citizen Participation Committee of the State Anti-Corruption System, Ricardo Zurita López, offered a press conference in which he explained that they want citizens to not be afraid to file complaints.

"Mexico has 94 percent of crimes in general that are not reported, and throughout Latin America, our country has first place in impunity, people do not report because they distrust the authorities, and do not know how to make a complaint properly" he pointed out.

He said that it will be a total of eleven groups of lawyers between associations, bars and schools, who will sign the agreement for the Presentation of Citizen Complaints for Illegality and Corruption.

He pointed out that in Baja California, the appointment of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor is needed, since as long as this figure is not available, complaints of peculation, influence peddling, among others, will not prosper.

He explained that the signing of the agreement will be held next Monday, December 9, within the framework of the International Day against Corruption. From that agreement, work will be carried out in a coordinated manner between the groups of lawyers to also provide protection to the citizens who denounce these acts.

Zurita López added that in the Anti-Corruption Systems it is also necessary that the representatives be fully trained in criminal and administrative law matters, as well as audit specialists, so that they can really fulfill their function, since currently not all representatives Nationally they have the ideal profile.

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