Benzema, pending the French Supreme Court for the case of blackmail Valbuena


The French Supreme Court pronounces on Monday on the appeal with which the striker of the Real MadridKarim Benzema he hopes to bury the accusation that has been pursuing him since 2015 for his involvement in an attempt to blackmail his then partner in the French national team Matthieu Valbuena.

The magistrates of the highest judicial body, who held a hearing on the case on November 25, must rule whether, as intended by Benzema's defense, the investigators exceeded the limit of the legitimate to get proof of its supposed implication.

It is about determining, in particular, if it was vitiated the action of an infiltrated policeman who pretended to be an emissary of Valbuena to try to identify those who blackmailed him with a video of sexual content.

French forward Karim Benzema, after being injured in a friendly match of his team against Armenia.

If this hypothesis is confirmed, a good part of the material that was used for the indictment of the Madrid player in November 2015 would be rendered useless, which among other things has made it impossible since then to wear the shirt of France because the coach, Didier Deschamps, has not returned it to convene.

But if the Supreme rejects its appeal, it would be exhausted his last attempt to cancel the procedure and, on the contrary, it would open the prospect of having to sit on the bench in a trial.

There are five others charged in this instruction, including Karim Zenati, childhood friend of Benzema and the former soccer player Djibril Cissé.

Intermediaries to pay

It all started when Valbuena informed law enforcement in June 2015 that he had received a call informing him of the existence of a video of sexual content in which he appeared and threatened to make it public.

Benzema's post on Instagram about Valbuena.

According to the accusation account, the blackmail promoters first resorted to Cissé, but since he did not convince Valbuena to pay, they went to Zenati to persuade Benzema of acting as an intermediary.

In a concentration of the "bleus" in October of that year, the two teammates talked about it. Benzema advised him to pay, according to its version, to avoid problems.

The question is whether the infiltrated policeman forced allegedly criminal behaviors that would not have occurred without his intervention.

From Appeal to the Supreme

The Real Madrid striker's appeal crashed in a first phase before the Paris Court of Appeal, which rejected him in November 2018. But he did not resign himself and he took it to the Supreme.

Beyond the purely judicial aspect, the possibility of re-dressing the colors of your selection is at stake, something that it seems impossible while the current president of the French Football Federation (FFF) is in office, Noël Le Graet, which last month said that Benzema's career as a French international is over.

The forward replied to Le Graët that only he would end his international career and that do not interfere in decisions of the coach.

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