Blow for Romanians in the UK. What will happen to them after Brexit / The procedure becomes mandatory / What SETTLED and PRE-SETTLED entail


Romanians in the UK can register online by June 30, 2021 for a new status, writes

BREXIT – SETTLED Statute it is applied only to European citizens and their family members who have resided in the United Kingdom for an uninterrupted period of 5 years at the date of registration.

BREXIT – PRE-SETTLED Statute is applied to persons who have not lived in the UK for a period of less than 5 years, until December 30, 2020. They are allowed to accumulate the 5 years required for the application of SETTLED.

It is compulsory to apply for the SETTLED Statute before the expiration of the PRE-SETTLED status). Applicants must prove: nationality, identity, permanent residence and provide data on the criminal record (if any).

The answer is at most one month from the date of application. Romanians represent the second community in the UK, after the Polish one.
The application is not compulsory for the holders:

– Permit to enter the United Kingdom for an indefinite period;

– residence permit in the United Kingdom for an indefinite period;

– British or Irish citizenship (including dual citizenship).

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