Brexit has won the elections in the UK! Boris Johnson, amazing victory


"If the official results confirm the forecasts of the exit polls, the Conservative Party will get 368 seats in parliament, which would be the most definitive victory since Margaret Thatcher's in 1987.

In contrast, this could be the hardest defeat for the Labor Party since 1935. The formation led by Jeremy Corbyn is now credited with 191 MPs, 71 less than in 2017.

It is expected that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will schedule a new Queen's speech until Christmas, launching the new legislative program and it is not excluded that in the next two weeks the withdrawal agreement from the European Union, which, by this time, it will probably be adopted without any problem, ”the RRA reports in 0 correspondence from London.

"The Scottish nationalists can be considered winners this evening, it seems that they will have 55 deputies, with 20 more than in the previous term. Liberal Democrats are quoted with 13 MPs, with one more, Welsh MPs will be with one less, ie three, and Nigel Farage's Brexit Party will not enter parliament. These are the estimated figures, the predictions made by the exit polls ”, commented Dan Vasiliu, RRA correspondent in London

Brex. What happens next.

"If we think about the losers of this evening, first of all the Labor Party, I expect that tomorrow or in any of the following days, Jeremy Corbyn will resign from the Labor Party.

If the polls are correct, the Liberal Democrats may have to pick a new leader, because Jo Swinson seems to have lost in Scotland's electoral college, where he ran.

As for the winners, it is expected that the Conservative Party will schedule a new speech to the queen until Christmas, by which to launch the new legislative program and is not excluded, but it is very likely that everything before Christmas will be reintroduced in parliament the withdrawal agreement from the European Union, which this time, I think I dare not say, will be adopted without any problem. Thus Brexit will take place on January 31 and a transitional period will begin immediately by the end of 2020.

In these 11 months, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will try to negotiate the future relationship with the European Union, which will include a trade agreement, and from here it is possible that things will get complicated again, because the European Union will certainly not be ready for many concessions. , he will not give up his rules and standards and, as likely, Boris Johnson will not be willing to accept these rules and will want to detach himself from them as much as possible.

If that happens, the negotiations will probably have reached a deadlock. It is hard to believe that they will be finalized by December 2020, in which case the issue of extending the transitional period will be raised, except that Boris Johnson said that any extension is excluded and if he maintains this view, then at the end next year we could talk about a possible Brexit again without agreement. ”, he said.

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