British newspapers supported their favorite party on Election Day


Flavius ​​Toader,

The Guardian, a traditional left-wing newspaper, published on the front page the message of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor leader, who urged voters to kick the system.


The Daily Telegraph, a conservative daily dedicated to the cause of Boris Johnson in the campaign, preferred the front page even to the prime minister.


The Sun was in no doubt, and the front page had a total message of pro-Brexit, pro-Boris Johnson and anti-Corbyn.

The tabloid preferred the simple messages, in the sense of all: If Boris wins, a bright future awaits us, if the red Jez gets the victory, then the light will go out.


And the Daily Mail also stood alongside conservatives.

Today you have to face the flood and vote to support Boris, the Daily Mail headlined.


The Daily Mirror, a left-wing tabloid, urged voters to vote for Corbyn and his announced policy of supporting public services affected by the austerity imposed by conservatives.


Much more balanced is the Financial Times, which cites the latest poll and questions most conservatives.


An analysis of The Guardian shows that most notifications sent by applications from major news sites in the UK have been more favorable to conservatives and negative to Labor.

The Daly Telegraph has been particularly biased in favor of the Boris Johnson-led party, says The Guardian.

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