Broadcasting 'deepfake' videos without warning that they are fake will be a crime in China from next year


The deepfake They are getting better and better. In the beginning, they were made by complex toolsbut now there is even applications that do it easily.

These videos consist of change face to one person to make it look like another or to make him say things he hasn't said, and they are becoming a risk because of how difficult it is to detect them. The deepfakes They're a dangerous weapon for manipulation, so China has decided to cut for the sake and make them illegal.

As of January 1, 2020, spread this type of videos without clarifying that they are fake It will be a Criminal offense in China. As stated by the Government of China to Reuters, the deepfakes "They pose a danger to national security, disrupts the social order, and infringes the legitimate rights and interests of the population."

It is unknown if, after the banning of these detailed fake videos, they will stop working applications like ZAO, which made any user could put their face in scenes of some movies. But with this new regulation, they may not be generated deepfakes that can be used to manipulate statements from celebrities, politicians or other important faces and that could be a problem.

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