Casey Stoner's fight against chronic fatigue syndrome


Casey Stoner He starred in one of the strangest cases of premature withdrawal that are remembered in the world of sports, and specifically motorcycling. When he had not yet turned thirty, and being one of the big favorites to wins in the World Cup, he decided to hang the monkey.

Whoever was world champion of MotoGP In 2007 with Ducati and in 2011 with Honda, he recently confessed that he no longer enjoys the motorcycle. It is not just a mental issue, but it suffers from a very complicated disease to diagnose and that doctors are still studying: chronic fatigue syndrome.

Stoner himself defines it in a very graphic way. "I've been without a pilot for over a year. I don't have the energy to do it anymore. I don't have the energy to drive, and if I do, I would have to stay a whole week on the couch", he said in the podcast 'Rusty's Garage'.

Although he tries to maintain a healthy life, his condition joins others that prevent him from leading a normal day to day. "I have a problem in the ribs, which come out frequently and are connected with the vertebrae. That destroys my back. I have the discs of the vertebrae with fissures, the fluid comes out and I press the nerve, which it causes me spasms. When it happens to me, it has to take a week to get some weight back, "he said.

In recent months he has undergone treatment with medications that have made him improve, but he still cannot exercise in conditions.

The support he has received from the biker community has been unanimous. "Thanks to my fans and the motorcycle industry for their thoughts and good wishes, they mean a lot," he wrote on twitter with a photo with his wife Adriana and their two daughters.

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