Clifton 'Pop' Herring dies, the coach who kicked Michael Jordan out of the high school team and changed the history of the sport


Clifton 'Pop' Herring He has lived a good part of his life pursued by a decision that possibly changed the history of the sport. The one who was coach of Michael Jordan He has died at the age of 67 at the institute, his daughter confirmed to CNN. 'Pop' Herring was the team coach of Wilmington's 'Emsley A. Laney' institute in North Carolina, when Jordan was barely a teenager. 'Pop' considered that the legendary '23' did not have enough talent and kicked him out of the team.

In the late 70s, Jordan was in his second year on the high school team when Herring decided to leave him out. Although they both had a great relationship ("Michael showed up at home on Sundays and told us to wake up and come to church," Herring's daughter says), the decision to leave him out of the team was very hard for him to understand.

That, however, made him sign for the junior team of Laney College, where his virtues eventually made him stand out. From there, to stardom.

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