Climate change will generate conflicts and inequalities


The unexpected transfer of COP25 to Madrid has generated a whole wave of expectation in our country, which is certainly good news because it will help climate change and policies to address it stand at the top of the public, political and media agenda, which is where they should be.

Climate change It is not the same on the whole planet, and in Spain its effects are evidenced in the increase in temperature (in Spain we have already reached an increase of 1.5 ºC over pre-industrial levels) and in the reduction of rainfall (between 10 and 15% in the part Northwest of spain.).

These effects undermine the quality of life of society as a whole and in particular they are primed with the most vulnerable, especially with women and girls. They negatively impact our health and the availability and quality of basic resources for our survival (water supply, air quality, safe access to food).

We will have to assume more deaths and more diseases directly related to the increase in heat and cold waves. something that is related to the increase in energy poverty that people with less resources have to face, In Spain, energy poverty has a woman's face. Along with the lack of rainfall, we will have more severe weather events (typhoons or floods). We must also get used to suffer more pollution in cities, associated with this shortage of rainfall.

"Spain already has the COP but do we have the necessary policies to face the climatic emergency and the biodiversity crisis facing the country?"

The rise in temperatures – or its decrease in certain areas, since climate change is not linear, as scientists point out — it affects the essential processes of organisms and the loss of biodiversity and the increase in fires.

But without a doubt, climate change it will also bring social problems, associated with issues such as drought and loss of resources. 85% of water reserves in Spain are destined for irrigation, the situation could be worse in the future, since it is the driest regions of the State – Almería, Murcia and Valencià Country – that lead, fruit and vegetable production (almost 2400 million / € of national GDP and more than 100,000 jobs). To this is added the progressive disappearance of bees and other insects, responsible for the pollination of 70% of these.

But Having the territory most affected by climate change throughout the EU is also an opportunity. The new Government should implement ambitious policies that reorient our economy towards low carbon. Reviewing the design and performance of strategic sectors for GDP (energy, transport, agriculture, livestock or industry) and curbing the loss of biodiversity and the most serious impacts of climate change in the territory.

The Government and the companies they must bet on a decarbonised economy and not dependent on dirty energies that redistribute wealth in our country and flee from the traps of speculative bubbles, bet on sectors with high added value and focus on the rights and needs of society.

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