Comet Borisov, the second interstellar visitor after the Oumuamua, will pass 'near' the Earth on Sunday


He kite Borisov, the second interstellar object that visits the Solar System after the Oumuamua, will be near from the earth the next Sunday. It will reach its closest point to our planet: 300 million kilometers.

Astronomers have already begun to capture images of the visitor, and it is expected that during this month they register the passage of the body through the solar system. For example, according to the CNN chain, they have already been able to measure their tail, which is about 150,000 kilometers.

For scientists, it is a unique opportunity to analyze a strange interstellar visitor. It is believed that the Borisov had its origin in another system, from which he was fired by gravitational forces towards ours. It probably comes from the constellation Cepheus, according to the ABC newspaper.

Unlike Oumuamua, Borisov has kite-like features that pass through the solar system. Its core, one kilometer in radius, is solid and is covered with water or frozen carbon dioxide. He was baptized with that name in honor of amateur astronomer who discovered it.

As you approach the Sun, his spooky appearance grows, by the evaporation of its materials.

Although it will reach its peak of visibility in December, the comet will remain Visible to normal telescopes until April 2020. After that, it can be followed only with large telescopes until October.

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