Dakota, from 'Big Brother' and 'Survivors', shows his last two aesthetic touches


Months after having undergone a breast augmentation operation, the former contestant of SurvivorsDakota Tárraga has returned to resort to aesthetic medicine to make two new touches.

As explained in a video posted on Instagram, Tárraga Botox has been put on the upper lip, as well as on the forehead, to eliminate its expression lines.

"You already know that I like to share with you my experience to clarify all doubts. I am very happy with the result", he said in the post posted on the social network.

Despite coming with fear in case the intervention could hurt, the doctor of the aesthetic clinic has reassured her by explaining that I would put anesthesia on the lips. "How pretty, isn't it? Now with anesthesia I can't smile well, but I love them," he exclaimed at the end.

The video also shows how the Botox is applied to his forehead. "My expression face is always angry", justified Tárraga to the doctor. After the intervention, she congratulated the doctor with a" Ole you, a machine ".

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