ELECTIONS UK – exit-poll – WHO WON


Elections 2019. PHOTO AGERPRES

The first figures show who won the election in the UK.

The Conservative party, of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ranks first in the UK's early parliamentary poll, shows the results of polls at the polls, Mediafax reports.

Conservatives won 368 seats in Parliament, a comfortable majority, as exit-poll data show

According to the survey, carried out at the command of the Sky News station, the Conservative Party (center-right) obtained 368 seats in the House of Commons, over the majority threshold of 326 seats.

The Labor Party (center-left), led by Jeremy Corbyn, is credited with 191 seats, compared to 262 at present.

In the third place is the Scottish National Party (SNP), with 55 seats.

The Liberal-Democratic Party is credited with 13 seats, the Greens Party obtained a single mandate, and the Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, obtained no seat in the House of Commons.

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