Fintonic, Revolut, Goin … 7 free apps that will help you save money


The Spaniards spent less than they entered in the second quarter, which finally led to their savings rate being 19.3%, its highest value in ten years. Even so, with current wages and consumption rates, savings tremble in the homes of Spain: closed 2018 at historic lows, placing the percentage that families save their disposable income at 4.85%, the lowest data since the series started in the mid-60s.

Yes after Black friday and the Cyber ​​monday You have emptied your pockets, technology can help you put some coins in the piggy bank. These are some of the best apps Free to save by organizing your expenses:


It is perhaps one of the most popular. Available for iOS and Android, Fintonic is a app of use ‘very friendly’ It helps you manage your finances and save. With format multi-entity, the application allows you to organize your economy taking all the information of your banks, your loans, your cards and your insurance on the same platform.

The app assures you that In less than two minutes you will have your financial information available To handle it to your liking. Owns a alerts service for commissions, insurance expiration and deposits or duplicate movements, among other things, and offers you the ‘FinScore’, a calculation of your credit profile. See at a glance what you are spending the money to save easily (depending on the platform, you can save up to 3,000 euros the first year).


Available for iOS and Android, it is the seventh app most downloaded in the App Store and has more than 5 million downloads in the Play Store. Revolut is a British firm of Mobile banking, one of the calls ‘Fintech’, which has managed to gain 8 million users in just five years. By not having branches, you only need a mobile phone to open an account.

One of his savings proposals is round each card payment to the nearest whole number, and save the money from your returns in purchases "so you can meet your goals". It has instant notifications of your movements.


This nice application that reminds us of a piggy bank is also in the App Store and Google Play. Goin claims to be "the first app created for Millennialswho want to save and invest without having knowledge of investment. ”

The first thing he asks is set a goal: a trip to New York, a new car or the latest model of that smartphone what you love. Then you must synchronize your bank -your data will be protected- and choose a saving method. “On average, our‘ Goiners ’ They manage to accumulate 837 euros a year”, They affirm. And finally, it allows you to put your money to work to make it grow faster with simple investment methods.

Important: when you configure your card in the application you are asked to make a purchase of 1 euro to confirm the bank account. Don't worry because it returns instantly.


Wallet for iOS and Android – eye, it's not the app default that comes with iPhone- helps you plan your finances actively, together with people you trust, using multiple currencies, more than 4,000 banks from all over the world and financial institutions and having real-time tracking with automatic bank updates.

One of the advantages of this app is that you can share accounts specific with family, friends or colleagues. Wallet provides you with easy-to-read charts and summaries of your bank account, debt and cash bonds, and it tells you the percentage you need to achieve your goals.


Coinscrap is an application for smartphones also available in both operating systems. This app It stands out for having a ‘Rounding method’ to save: calculate the difference between the purchase made and the euro you have chosen to round and that ‘peak’ goes to saving.

For example, if you have chosen to round to the nearest euro and make a purchase of 40.25 euros, the 0.75 euros difference will be added to your rounding list; if brands that round you to the nearest 2 euros, if a product costs you 41.25 euros 1.75 euros will go to savings; and so on.


Another application to help you save available for Google Play, App Store and also Microsoft that allows securely synchronize data between all your devices. Monefy has compatibility with various currencies.

No need to connect your bank accounts: use simple icons to make your money management easier and categorize your expenses to help you detect your savings opportunities – you can manage the categories if the default values ​​do not work for you.

You only have to add new records when you buy a coffee or order a taxi, with a single click – it is only necessary to fill in the amount – and see the distribution of your expenses in the graph.


Also in Google Play, App Store and Microsoft, this application takes control of all your expenses and what goes into your pocket so you have a good management of your personal finances. Your interface in four graphics has a visualization very intuitive and allows data analysis in real and effective time.

Other functions that complement this application is that of attach files and photos to the tray of your expenses and income. Mobills you alert Through your accounts payable email, create a family budget and offer you a extract of your expenses by category.

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